Derby Homeowners Looking To Sell By Christmas? Act Now

Most people aren’t even contemplating Christmas yet, after all, there is still some summer fun to be had from life. However, you know that there will be some people who are already counting down the days until the festive period. If you have a lot of plans to organise, it makes sense to start preparing as soon as you can but there are some people who just cannot wait for the festive fun to begin, and this means they bring Christmas into everything far too early. However, if you are looking to sell your home by Christmas, you will want to act soon.

At the end of August, it is 17 weeks away from Christmas. This should give most people plenty of time but if you are looking to sell your home, be aware that the average moving time in the United Kingdom stands at 13 weeks. This is from the time of an offer being accepted all the way through until the moving date. With 17 weeks to go until the festive period, there isn’t a lot of leeway, which means if you are keen to sell your home and be settled in time for Christmas, you will want to decide on what to do very soon.

The market is shaped by major events

The impact of the festive period on the property market has been highlighted by Brian Murphy, the Head of Lending at the Mortgage Advice Bureau, who said this period; “highlights the relatively short opportunity for would-be buyers to find a property in order to be in ready to put up the lights and tree.  The reality is that for those who wish to transact in the window available, it’s key for those in the market to be highly organised and ideally, to get their lending arrangements in place before doing anything else to not create a delay in a few weeks’ time.”

Selling your home can be a challenging process but working with an expert will take a lot of the stress and strain out of selling your home. Having a proper plan of action makes sense and will give you a great guideline to work towards.

Take steps to prepare for Christmas moves

If you are keen to sell your home before Christmas, the following tips are recommended:

  • Do what you can to liaise with solicitors and speed through the moving process
  • Make sure you are clear as to what your budget entails
  • Speak with a reliable estate agent and obtain their services for the process
  • Start to review what belongings you need to take with you
  • Stat the house cleaning process

At Philip Ryan, we know the importance of Christmas and understands that people want to be settled at home for this joyous time of year. If you are planning on moving soon and you want the best standard of support and guidance in selling your home, please come and contact us. We are local property market specialists and we are here to ensure you move in comfort and style.

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