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Kerb Appeal: Create Positive First Impressions In Autumn

When selling your home, kerb appeal is hugely important. You need to create a positive first impression when viewers attend your home or look at photographs of the outside of your property. Even though we are moving towards Autumn, there is still a chance to make your garden look fantastic and persuade buyers that your property is worth considering.

In creating the best possible experience at the outside of your home, here are some basic tips to bear in mind:

  • Ensure the garden area is tidy
  • Carry out all repair work such as fixing broken fences or improving cracked paving
  • Ensure your windows and doors are secure while looking great
  • Add an accessory to your front door area
  • Create as much space as you can
  • Add a dash of colour and vitality to your garden area

All these tips are worth considering when it comes to making a positive first impression but a few additions to your garden can make your home the first choice of people looking for property.

Add some colour to your garden area with seasonal flowers

It is always sensible to add colour to your garden area and one of the best ways you can achieve this is through being seasonal. Even if you think spring and summer are the high-points of the gardening year, there are still many great flowers and plants that you can add to create an autumnal glow that delights prospective buyers.

Quick changes can have a lasting impact in your garden

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Even if you haven’t much time before viewings take place at your home, you should be able to transform your garden area quickly. Large plants have an immediate impact on your property and these are available from the leading garden centres and DIY stores. If you are looking at the short-term, flowers such as cosmos provide an instantaneous splash of colour to your garden area but will quickly disappear when winter arrives.

Examples of flowers that are colourful and welcoming in winter include:

  • Michaelmas daisies
  • Ice plants
  • Japanese anemones
  • Caryopteris
  • Chinese blue gentian

The last flower listed, the Chinese blue gentian requires acid soil. This isn’t always present in many gardens, but it can be the ideal option as a potted plant.

Even if you have limited space in our garden, the use of window-sill boxes, plant pots and other space saving solutions ensure you pack some colour into your garden without the need for much room or work. If you are pushed for time or you don’t have “green fingers”, focusing your efforts on small areas helps maximise the return you enjoy.

At Philip Ryan, we are here to provide you with support and guidance when it comes to selling your home. It is essential you create a positive first impression on prospective buyers and the quality and condition of your garden area has a role to play. No matter what help you need when selling your home, we’re here to help, so get in touch.

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