What You Need From An Online Estate Agent

While most people accept that the right estate agent makes a massive difference when it comes to selling property, a lot of people are unsure about who the right estate agent is. The emergence of the internet and online services has transformed the property market and there are many different agents to choose from. It is only natural that some people will be unsure of what style of service is best for them, but a good starting point comes with deciding what you need from an online estate agent.

It is imperative that you know what estate agency services are on offer from an online estate agent. Not all online estate agents offer all the services you require or would expect from a traditional estate agent, and this is where problems begin for a vendor. The price of an online estate agent may seem attractive but if you don’t receive all the services you need, perhaps viewing assistance or listings on all property portals, you will question whether there is value for money in the cheaper service.

Find services that offer value when selling your home

It is good to save money, but saving money is only worthwhile when you are genuinely saving money. If you then must pay more money later to receive the services you need, you haven’t saved money, and in this regard, some online estate agents are not offering excellent value for money.

However, many do, and you will find that agents who try to combine the benefits of online estate agent services with the traditional services of an estate agent are the best option. This is what we aim to offer at Philip Ryan, so get in touch if this sounds of benefit to you.

Things to look out for from an online estate agent:

  • The provision of all estate agency services
  • No hidden costs or charges for additional work
  • No need to pay upfront for services
  • Competitive fees within the local area
  • The provision of a No Sale/No Fee service

These features provide confidence to the vendor and if you’re looking for an estate agent, these aspects can provide you with a strong starting point in your search. It is always advisable to speak with the agents and get a feel for what they offer, but with so many to choose from, you need assistance narrowing down your options.

Some estate agents offer the best of both worlds

When it comes to finding the best estate agent for your needs, there is a compelling argument that the traditional services are what you need, but in the present day, it is possible to receive traditional estate agent services from an online agent. Most people point to the cost savings of an online agent as being their best feature, so it makes sense to find an agent that offers traditional estate agent services but with a price structure that is aligned to the online model.

If you would like to learn more about how an online agent can help you, please get in touch with Philip Ryan and we will make sure that you receive the guidance and support you need to make an informed decision.

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